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UK Black Pride youth event

This year Stonewall will be hosting its very first youth pride event at UK Black Pride and we want you to come and join us! 

What is UK Black Pride?

The UK Black Pride festival takes place on Sunday 8 July at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in South London. UK Black Pride promotes unity and co-operation among all black people of African, Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American descent, as well as their friends and families, who identify as lesbian, gay, bi and/or trans. The festival features speakers, activists, dancers and lots more. Our youth event is a way of attending the festival in a safe way and having your travel costs covered! You must be aged between 16 and 25 to attend this particular Stonewall youth pride event.

Visit the UK Black Pride website 

How much does it cost to attend the youth event?

  • Attending our UK Black Pride youth event is completely free
  • We cover all travel costs and provide food and refreshments

What happens at the UK Black Pride youth event?

We meet at a location close to the UK Black Pride festival site where we welcome everyone, hand out free Stonewall t-shirts and lunch before hosting a panel discussion with BAME/PoC LGBTQ+ role models. There will be chance to meet each other as well as the Stonewall staff before we head to the festival site which is just down the road.

Can I attend with my friends?

Of course! However, your friends must also be aged 16 - 25 and they will need to submit their own application. Please note, we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be offered a space.

What if I want to come on my own and won't know anyone else there?

Absolutely no problem. Many people come to these events on their own and it’s a great chance to meet new people! We'll introduce you to each other and Stonewall staff will be there to chat at the event and during the festival.

How do I get there?

If your application is successful, we'll email you all the details about the event, including the meeting time and place. We'll book your train tickets in advance or you can book your own and claim your money back after the event.

How old do you have to be to apply for a space?

This event is open to people who are aged 16 - 25 on the day of the event. If you're under 18 we will require a signed consent form from your parent or legal guardian.

How can I apply for a space at an event?

Unfortunately the registration process to join us at our UK Black Pride event is now closed. You can still apply to join us at either Bristol Pride or Trans Pride Brighton by visiting our main Youth Pride page.

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All of our youth pride events are very kindly supported by Lloyds Banking Group.

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