Sirina-Monique Prescod-Sebastian
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Sirina-Monique Prescod-Sebastian

Sirina-Monique Prescod-Sebastian

My name is Sirina-Monique and I hold the title of one of Stonewall’s 2015 Young Campaigners of the Year through their Youth Volunteering Programme. I am a student at Birmingham City University studying Psychology, also working for Silver Lined Horizons, an organisation getting the youth's voice heard.

I am an active young lady always getting involved in opportunities to help understand other people better. With a keen interest in psychology, I am continuously learning about identity and how our experiences determine who we are. I am a young black LGBT woman and can relate to many people’s struggles when it comes to their identity. I use this knowledge in my work, studies and everyday life. 

I write music, perform and create on all levels through art, video, poetry, sport, and through one of my music videos I created to stand against LGBT discrimination. The video was in many ways an alliance for LGBT individuals and to help build confidence for those struggling to come to terms with their identity. 

I have also helped build Peterborough Regional College in its Equality and Diversity development, especially through Sexual Health.

My persistence is what I am most proud of, because without it I wouldn't be one of Stonewall’s 2015 Young Campaigners of the Year, the Runner Up of Young People of The Year for Cambridge, and a student at Birmingham City University – without it I might not be as successful as I am today.

Sirina-Monique Prescod-Sebastian, 20 years old from South-East London