Jacub Sabo-Dutton
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Jacub Sabo-Dutton

Jacub Sabo-Dutton

I am often assumed to be cisgender and gay but in actual fact I am Trans, male identified person who also happens to be bisexual, but why should that matter? Because I want to show people that diversity exists and we aren’t all hetero/cis normative human beings of the earth! We have variety and that’s what makes the world a beautiful place. 

Being part of this array of identities is what makes me flourish in spreading awareness and acceptance around to different areas and communities and it would eat me up if I had no power to do any of the things I have done with the help of Stonewall.

I work for CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) as a young person’s advocacy worker which gives me the access to helping young people as they are going through their care with CAMHS. I also specialise in helping and guiding young people who are LGB or T and do anything I can to make their personal life, school life and anything else much better for them. 

The young people are at the forefront of my mind all of the time and I’ll most certainly go out of my way to enable them a better quality of life. Changing young trans and gender variant people’s lives by running a youth group for them specifically to give them a safe space to come and socialise with likeminded young people and be themselves without judgment. 

I am incredibly proud of myself for being a role model and someone young Trans-kids can relate to and come to for advice or guidance. I’m proud of the progress I have made in my own personal life from being severely mentally ill half way through my teenage years to holding down a job that I can personally relate to and helping and understanding others in the same process I went through (mental health and gender identity). 

As a bisexual, trans-man, it certainly opens my eyes to a lot of different things in the world that would probably go unnoticed otherwise. Such as the constant bi erasure as if bisexual people don’t exist or cissexism that enforces people to stick to social norms and gender roles which in reality this is all so unnecessary and that is why I wanted to get into this activism and make a difference for everyone’s benefit. 

I am extremely lucky to be where I am now in my transition and I definitely wouldn’t take it for granted. Being part of the Stonewall Young Leaders programme definitely has benefitted me personally and expanded my skills and knowledge to be a better role model than I’m already trying to be, networking with different people of different professions that are passionate about making their workplace more inclusive and LGBT friendly was a privilege. I love what I do and as long as I’m making a difference and encouraging positivity then I will never stop.

Jacub Sabo-Dutton, 20 years old from Nottingham