Georgia Buck
What you can do

Georgia Buck

As a bisexual teen, Stonewall helped me to realise that there are other teens out there that, like me, are passionate and enthusiastic about joining the fight for equality.

After being a prize-winner in Stonewall’s 2015 Young Writer’s Competition, I was excited to meet the other winners – a group of inspiring young people who were all involved in some sort of LGBT group at their school. I’ve never felt so accepted, as my school has no sort of group for students who aren’t straight and it felt relieving to know that there are other people like me out there! 

Stonewall has inspired me to speak out more about LGBT rights, using social media as the main platform to spread the message to a wider audience. If you ask my parents, they’ll tell you that I am a person with very strong opinions and hopefully I can put my hard-headedness to good use someday and campaign for equal rights on a larger scale. 

I’m incredibly lucky to be part of such a liberal generation, and to have such an accepting family, but with Stonewall’s help I hope that my children will be born into an even more accepting world – perhaps with same-sex marriage legal in even more countries and full legal equality for the trans community in the UK.

Georgia Buck, 15 years old from Bedfordshire