Courtney Francis
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Courtney Francis

This year I took part in Stonewall’s Young Leaders programme and have learnt copious amounts about myself and how wrong I was to assume that sexual orientation and gender fit neatly into little boxes!

Sexuality and gender norms are not always easy topics for some to truly understand but Stonewall understands how important they can be for communities and people like me.

When referring to myself, I prefer the terms ‘sexually fluid’, ‘androgynous’, and ‘bisexual’. However, these are just labels that aid in communication. 

As a cisgender male who is attracted to a range of people on the gender spectrum and as a person who does not hold a traditional conventional interpretation of gender, I do experience negative critical attitudes. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced these negative attitudes from individuals in faith groups, the black and minority ethnic (BME) community and even some LGBT individuals.

What is apparent in many societal and cultural areas is a lack of understanding of gender and sexuality. Stonewall is attempting to change this, as is seen in their action to helping fund UK Black Pride, their Christian Role Models guide and the recent trans-inclusive pledge by CEO Ruth Hunt

I am proud to be Stonewall alumni and contribute to the amazing work that is helping progress LGBT equality. Thank you Stonewall for helping people like myself to know the scope of diversity as opposed to having a false limited binary conceptualization. You allow people like myself to be themselves and continue to unapologetically not fit neatly into those little boxes!

Courtney Francis, 24 years old from North London