'Child-friendly' search filter Kiddle should not block LGBT advice and information
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'Child-friendly' search filter should not block LGBT search terms

'Kiddle, a 'child-friendly' search filter, has caused a backlash on social media this morning as a result of some of the searches that it blocks as 'inappropriate' or 'offensive' content.

Among this are terms including 'gay', 'lesbian', 'bisexual and 'transgender'.

Young people regularly use the internet to find information on LGBT issues, especially as age-appropriate and LGBT-inclusive SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) is still not compulsory in our schools. Many of these young people also feel unable to approach teachers or parents with their questions or concerns.

Attempting to stop young people searching for safe and age-appropriate content like this will force many young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people to seek it elsewhere. This may take them down inappropriate avenues which could put them at risk.

Until LGBT issues are taught in all schools in an age-appropriate way, it's important that young people have other ways to safely access this information.

Kiddle should rethink its approach to blocking valuable LGBT advice and information.'