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Health and wellbeing

Everyone needs information about health that is relevant to their life and individual circumstances. You may find that you want to talk to a healthcare professional (a GP for instance) without a parent or guardian present.

Here are some answers to some questions that you may have regarding your health and wellbeing:

At what age can I use a health service without needing a parent, guardian or carer to be involved?

If you’re older than 16 you can register with a doctor without needing a parent, guardian or carer to be with you. You can also make and attend appointments on your own and the GP is legally obliged to keep anything you discuss private.

If you are under 16 you can go to see a doctor without your parents or carer but you would need them to register you at your GP surgery so that you can book appointments. When you see the doctor anything you discuss will be private.

Where can I get advice about sexual health if I am under 16?

There are lots of places you can get free sexual health advice whatever your age (including if you are under 16), like your GP surgery or a sexual health clinic. Even some chemists can help. Doctors have to treat what you discuss as totally private, and mustn’t contact your parents, guardian or other family members without your permission.

Because doctors have to see you in private, you can find out about safe sex and contraception, and talk through any questions you have.

The only time the GP or health worker might want to talk to someone else about what you have discussed with them is if they were very worried about your safety – for example, if they thought you were being abused or felt that you were likely to harm yourself. Even then they should discuss it with you first.

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