Young Campaigners: Disability + LGBTQ identities
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Young Campaigners: Disability + LGBTQ identities

Empowering disabled LGBTQ+ young people to bring about positive change in their communities.

With funding from Comic Relief, Stonewall is running a series of FREE campaigning residentials for young people aged 16 to 25. The final one of these programme is for young disabled LGBTQ+ people and applications are now open.

The programme

6 – 9 January 2020, East Midlands

The residential, which will take place in the East Midlands, gives participants the space to reflect on their own identity and experiences, as well as the knowledge, tools and confidence to campaign for equality. Participants meet at a pre-arraged location and travel to the venue together on the afternoon of Monday 6 January. The programme itself starts the next morning and ends early in the afternoon on Thursday 9 January.

Participants will hear from disabled LGBTQ+ activists, campaigners and role models. As well as gaining a practical insight into what makes an effective campaigner through a series of exercises, workshops and break-out sessions, participants will also explore how to look after their mental health when engaged in activism and campaigning.

The programme will create an accessible and safe space for participants to gain:

  • The tools and confidence to carry out an effective campaign
  • A network of other LGBTQ+ young people to draw on for support and inspiration
  • An understanding of what it means to be a role model

After the residential event, participants will research, design and deliver campaign activity in their schools, universities or wider communities.

In March 2020 participants will be offered the opportunity to develop and deliver content for an exciting youth event which will showcase the campaigns as well as exploring other issues affecting young LGBTQ+ people.

All of the facilitators on this programme are LGBTQ+ and disabled.

Stonewall covers all costs relating to this programme including all travel, food and accommodation. If you are successful in your application we will be in touch to organise your travel to and from the meeting point as well as discussing your individual access requirements for the programme.


I would require a personal assistant/carer if I were on this programme. Would they be able to attend the programme with me?

Of course. If you are successful in your application, we will be in touch to discuss your personal access requirements and support needs as well as your need for PA support throughout the programme. We have designated accommodation and budget to cover PA support, including travel costs.

Where is the programme taking place?

The programme will take place at a residential venue in the East Midlands that specialises in delivering programmes to, and hosting events for, young people with specific access needs. If you are successful in your application, we will send you full details of the venue.

What will I do on the programme?

The programme will equip you with the tools, skills and confidence to create a campaign for LGBTQ+ equality. You will work in various sized groups throughout the three days as well as hearing from LGBTQ+ role models and inspirational speakers. Although all participants are expected to contribute to discussions, we understand that some people are not comfortable speaking in public so we never force anyone to speak if they don't want to. We appreciate that different learning styles exist and we have done our best to incoporate different methods of delivery in this programme. We will have lots of breaks throughout each day and participants have plenty of time to themselves to reflect. If you would lke to talk more about the programme itself or have any specific questions about the timetable, please email

How do I apply?

Complete this online application.

Can I complete my application in a different format other than the online form?

Absolutely. If you require a different format of application please let us know by emailing We can also arrange for someone from our team to call you and complete the application over the phone. Call us on 020 7593 1850 if you'd like to complete your application over the phone. Someone from our team will take a message and arrange to call you back. 

Applications close at 9am on Thursday 21 November 2019.

This programme is kindly supported by Comic Relief.

Please note.

This programme is open to anyone who identifies as disabled and LGBTQ+. We understand that there are many different acronyms used in discussions around sexual and/or romantic orientation and gender identity. We use 'LGBTQ+' as a standard acronym across our Young Stonewall outputs. We also know that people discuss disability in different ways and there are a variety of views on what language is suitable. If you have any questions about this or want to talk about whether or not you feel this programme is suitable for you, please email