Stonewall Talent Programme 2014

'People Perform Better When They Can Be Themselves'

3 - 5  September 2014, London 

“The programme has shown me that being authentic is more important than being perfect – I have learnt to be authentic and not have to push myself to the limit to be a role model or leader.” - Talent Programme participant


What to expect . . .

Stonewall’s Talent Programme, very kindly sponsored once again by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, is a free two day programme for lesbian, gay and bisexual people who are yet to begin - or are at the early stages of - their career. The Programme provides a space for 36 individuals to explore how sexual orientation relates to your career ambitions and the kind of influence you are able to have in your future working life. Stonewall research has demonstrated that lesbian, gay and bisexual people perform better at work when they can be themselves and don’t feel like they have to hide who they are.

Key aspects and dates of the Stonewall Talent Programme 2014:

* June 9 - Online application process opens

* July 31 - Online application process closes

* August 7 - Successful applicants informed

* September 3 - Welcome evening meal in London

* September 4 - Day 1 of the Stonewall Talent Programme

* September 4 - Formal evening dinner with Stonewall and Bank of America Merrill Lynch representatives

* September 5 - Day 2 (final day) of the programme

* October 16 - Talent Programme Reunion in London

"I came here hoping to gain confidence in this and I'm leaving with the thoughts that I have nothing to worry about." - Talent Programme participant

“The Talent Programme has inspired me to continue being proud and to pursue my aspirations.” - Talent Programme participant

Who should apply . . ?

If you are aged between18 and 24, identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual and are interested in finding out how you can be a role model and create a positive influence in your future career whatever the sector, the Stonewall Talent Programme could be for you. We don’t expect you to have pinned down a career choice.  Lesbian, gay and bisexual people work and succeed across every sector including the voluntary sector, health, financial services, the creative industries and everywhere else. Wherever you end up working, the Talent Programme can help you make an impact.

Stonewall especially welcomes applications from those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds and people who consider themselves to have a disability. If you have any questions about the application process or criteria please email

“Before this programme I was really confused about my ambition and ability.  In just two days I have found a confidence I never thought I would find and I am excited about my future prospects.” - Talent Programme participant

How to apply . . . 

Whether you are currently a student, volunteer, employed or involved in other activities, if you think the programme could benefit you then we’d love to hear from you. Remember, the Talent Programme is completely free including travel, accommodation in London and all meals.

The application process for the 2014 Talent Programme is now closed. We will email all applicants, whether they have been successfull or not in gaining a place on the programme, on Thursday 7 August.

“The Talent Programme was the best thing to happen to me in my professional life so far. It was a privilege to experience it now rather than in twenty years’ time when I've already done a job.” - Talent Programme participant